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Actors at a Glance

The various groups of actors from the citizenry, business, science and administration are involved with a wide range of objectives. There is also a strong project team behind each field of action, which competently supports the city's visionary strategy with experience and knowledge.

Tobias Schick

Lord Mayor of the City of Cottbus/Chóśebuz

+40 (0) 355 612-2000

Stefan Korb

Head of Department/Division - Economy, Digitalisation and Structural Development of the City of Cottbus/Chóśebuz

+49 (0) 355 - 6122560

Dr. Claudia Börner

Head of Information, Communication and Media Centre (IKMZ)

+49 (0) 355 - 69 2063

Vlatko Knezevic

Managing Director of Stadtwerke Cottbus GmbH

+49 (0) 355 - 351 101

Sebastian Scholl

Director Finance/IT & Digitalisation, Carl-Thiem-Klinikum Cottbus gGmbH

+49 (0) 355 - 46 23 44

Ralf Thalmann

Managing Director Cottbusverkehr GmbH

+49 (0) 355 8662 101

Doreen Mohaupt

Head of the Urban Development Department at Stadt Cottbus/Chóśebuz

+49 (0) 355 - 612 4110